Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't Fret, Brett


TO: Brett Favre, GB Packers

FROM: Master4caster

RE: Next Career Move

Indecision is usually a clue not to take an action in question. In this case, the question is your return to Green Bay. Do not do it. Your heart is not in it. Don't fret. You owe it to yourself and to Packer/Favre fans everywhere to follow another path.

Your greatness is proven. Your legacy assured. If you are not one hundred percent committed to rejoin a rebuilding team, it will show in your play and be a source of frustration that will haunt for a lifetime. True Packer fans will not deny you your options. They will resent being left to twist until training camp.


TO: Green Bay Packers

FROM: Master4caster

RE: You Need to Fret Brett

You are at risk of a Ricky Williams moment. In 2004, the mercurial back retired from football two days before the start of training camp. Caught by surprise, the Dolphins could not backfill the critical position in their offense. The season was ruined and careers ended before the opening kickoff.

There is no comparison between Williams and Brett Favre, except for their impact to the team. To avoid being placed in the same position as the hapless Dolphins, you must act. Specifically, you must act on the presumption that Mr. Favre will not return. That means that, by trade or draft, you must secure a reasonable alternative. Granted, free agent choices are thin at this point, but the draft is an option.

You have a duty of loyalty to one who has contributed as much to your organization as Brett Favre. That duty may be well served by finding him a better situation for the close of his career -- in return for appropriate consideration from your trade partner, of course. And don't worry, even if Favre led another team to the Super Bowl, he would enter the Hall of Fame as a Packer.

This is a business. Make an executive decision.

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