Thursday, April 06, 2006

Philly Cheese Dog: TO Back In Town

The NFL released its 2006 schedule today. Terrell Owens and his Dallas Cowboys visit the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 8. That game has such marquee value that I'm shocked that ESPN didn't insist on it for an early season Monday night. Instead, they serve up Baltimore at Denver that Monday. That's their showcase game? Big whoop de doo! Sooner or later someone will squawk about the loss of the potential audience.

Cowboys - Eagles is the doubleheader game that Sunday. At least it's nationally televised. The Redskins visit the Giants, so it will be an NFC East Sunday.

Philadelphia visits Dallas on Christmas night, Monday, December 25 at 5:00 PM EST. It won't be the same hype. The first Iggles-Cowboys match-up will steal all the thunder. Broadcasting a game during the Christmas dinner hour is poor scheduling. It's the first game that should appear on Monday night.

The Manning brothers open the season when the Colts visit the Giants on Thursday, September 10. Brothers Ronde and Tiki Barber face-off when the Buccaneers visit the Giants Sunday, October 29.

Fred Smoot and Brad Johnson return to FedEx when the Vikings visit the Redskins Monday night, September 11. "Nine-eleven" may have played a role in the NFL's scheduling the game here on that date.

Joe Gibbs once declared Fred Smoot a "core Redskin." Then the team declined to match the Vikings' offer for his services. Charges against Daunte Culpepper for the "love boat" incident have been dropped, but Fred must still stand trial. He's denied any involvement. I wonder if Fred prefers to be here in DC rather than Minnesota?

The Skins also declined to retain Brad Johnson. Then they lacked quarterback stability until the arrival of Mark Brunell, who is a pocket quarterback much like Johnson.

The irony of life.

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