Friday, August 24, 2007

Vick Pleads Guilty

UPDATE: NFL Suspends Vick Indefinitely for "cruel and reprehensible" conduct.

Vick files plea admitting to dogfighting.

This does not end the story, only the chapter. Billy Martin, Vick's lead attorney, says his client will speak to the public about his role that Martin says is different than that of the other defendants. That, my friend, is what you call "theater."

Michael Vick plead guilty to conspiracy charges and acknowledged that he bankrolled the Bad Newz Kennels operation, including paying the gambling losses of the group. However, Vick denies a hand in the actual killing of dogs and in placing any bets.

Ten questions for Michael Vick:

  1. What the &%#$ were you thinking?
  2. What lessons have you learned from this experience?
  3. Who initiated the Bad Newz enterprise, you or your co-defendants?
  4. What was your reaction when your co-defendants changed their plea and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution?
  5. What are your true views about dog fighting today? Do you think people make too much of it? Is it a sport?
  6. You've lost your good name. What's your plan to get your reputation back? Do you understand why people reacted as they did when the story broke?
  7. How will you factor ethical choices as you make personal decisions in the future?
  8. Dog fighting has emerged as an activity of an urban criminal element. Are you a thug, or just a thug wannabe?
  9. Your lawyer says your role was different that that of the co-defendants. How does that justify your participation in this enterprise?
  10. Should personal conduct have any role in determining if an athlete should play professional sports? Why, or why not?

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