Friday, August 31, 2007

Skins show their stuff

The Redskins lost their final preseason game to the Jaguars big time. Personally, I'm fine with it.

I saw enough from the starters -- who weren't the real starters -- to be confident that Washington will contend for a playoff spot.

I'm not saying Super Bowl. I'm not even saying they take the division. But, they will contend.

Jason Campbell looked sharp. Rocky McIntosh looked sharp. H.P. Blades looked sharp. Marcus Mason looked real sharp. 'Twaan Randle El was the leading receiver; one catch, but it was a dusey.

Photo: Casey Bramlet and Jason Campbell (AP)

Then, a lot of guys who won't be with the team Sunday played in the second half and flubbed the game away, allowing two Jacksonville touchdowns. The Jaguars defense converted an interception to another touchdown and voila, Jax 31, Was 14.

WTOP-TV reported a story that the Redskins were close to trading Mark Brunell to the Seattle Seahawks for a draft pick. After watching rookie QB Jordan Palmer's play in the second half, I bet the coach-in-chief is rethinking that move.

Palmer was awful, completing 2 of 10 passes for 10 yards. OK, lets say that he had no reps in training camp and that he was playing with the bottom of the talent barrel, a high schooler should not have thrown into that coverage.

Oh well, you learn more from your mistakes.

The Redskins could compound Palmer's mistake by trading Brunell. With #8 gone, the QB line-up would be Campbell, Collins, Palmer. Campbell, Collins, Bramlet makes me feel better.

The knock on Bramlet is that he is immobile and does not throw the deep pass well. Palmer looks immobile and throws wildly. I don't see the distinction.

The Redskins always favored the guy who could win now. In my mind, that's Bramlet. With more time in the league and NFLe experience, he's further along than Palmer, who will need a lot of tutoring.

Bramlet's real problem was the "not invented here" effect. No one sponsored him. Palmer was drafted, and he's Carson's brother. Good genes. Yeah, right; that sure worked for Tim Hasselbeck. And Marcus Vick.

Bramlet plays tonight when the Falcons face the Ravens. His play could make me feel good or ill about Palmer.

Joe Theismann (I think it was Theismann) said that Palmer played exclusively from the shotgun formation at Texas El Paso. His Redskins experience is the first time he's taken a snap under center. Yup, l-o-ts of tutoring!

Mark Brunell looked sharp, completing 4 of 5 with a TD pass. It's the best he's looked all preseason. Heck, it's the best he's looked since 2005. Seemed like an audition to me. But, I would tell the coach-in-chief to hold on until Sunday before making that trade. Lets see first what quarterbacks are cut Saturday evening.

Who knows, maybe we get Bramlet back.

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