Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michael Vick and Master4caster, crashed and burned

Damn! You nurture an idea, sniff out the drama behind the story, post about it chapter by chapter until it reaches the dramatic high point, then your computer crashes.

On the weekend that Michael Vick reached the momentous decision to acknowledge his guilt in bankrolling a large-scale dog fighting ring, my poor PC was infected by a massive virus attack and crashed. It's being serviced (I'm writing this on a borrowed machine), but my access to Running Redskins is severely restricted until the problems are fixed.

I hope to be back in business by Monday. For the latest Redskins news, see the outstanding bloggers on the list to your right. For the latest in the Micheal Vick saga, see Michael Wilbon's article Brought Down by Arrogance. Wilbon touched on some themes I wanted to write about Monday.

Bear with me as I work through this.

1 comment:

Skin Patrol said...

Your Vick coverage has been superlative throughout and you shouldn't be worried in the least about missing the latest. It's just the latest news, not the entire story, which you owned.