Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Redskins' New Sheriff

The biggest change at the 2006 Redskins is Joe Gibbs' realignment of the coaching staff. When Gibbs set himself up as Coach-In-Chief, he brought in Al Saunders as Chief Offensive Officer to balance out Gregg Williams as Chief Defensive Officer. Today's Washington Post carries a lengthy article on Saunders and how he was lured to the Redskins. You can see the article at the link below.

The Redskins' New Sheriff

No one familiar with Gibbs' coaching career is surprised that he would find, recruit and keep, high caliber assistants for his staff. That was the modus operandi of his coaching mentors and a lesson Gibbs always took to heart. Nor would they be surprised that Gibbs approached Saunders, who was a grad assistant on John McKay's Southern Cal coaching staff when Gibbs was an assistant there. Saunders was an assistant coach on Don Coryell's San Diego Chargers staff when Gibbs was the offensive coordinator. Saunders succeeded Gibbs as the Chargers O-coordinator when Gibbs departed for the Redskins. For more on his coaching bio, see Joe Gibbs' Coaching Pedigree (also lengthy).


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