Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nationals on the move?

Although this is a Redskins blog, the Washington Nationals busted a move Thursday towards becoming a complete team – someday. They sent pitching talent to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for a starting infielder and a slugger. The pitchers help the Reds win their division, while Washington gets a nucleus of talent to build upon. That's the hope, anyway. Beyond that, I don’t follow baseball enough to comment. So, here are a few assessments from the blogosphere.

Supplemental Sports Source writes that Alfonso Soriano is U-Haul’s #1 Customer

Cross Town Rivals advises Reds fans to relax, despite the substantial hit in production. says Cincinnati sent a loud message with the trade that they are playing for keeps for a playoff spot.

TJ Furman asks “what were the Reds thinking?”

Bottom9 examines the deal player by player and concludes that Cincy traded away two valuable players without getting much in return.

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