Saturday, July 29, 2006

Arrington Agent Poston In Suspense

LaVar Arrington's agent, Carl Poston, has been suspended by the NFL Players Association for two years for his roll in the botched negotiation of Arrington's contract with the Washington Redskins two years ago. A $6.5 million bonus Arrington felt due him was not included in the final contract that he signed. The ensuing dispute soured Arrington's relationship with team owner, and former friend, Daniel Snyder. Player's agents are an extention of the players' union, which is why the Player's Association can impose a suspension.

The Redskins front office maintained that no such bonus was part of the agreement and that any oversight was the fault of LaVar's agent, Carl Poston. Evidentially, the player's union agreed. NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw said Poston "was making a mockery of our system. We have decided to take action . . . ." The screw-up started a chain of events that led to Arrington's bitter departure this season.

Arrington, even injured, was a fan favorite. Why he bore a grudge against the owner, rather than his agent, mystifies me. Wish I knew the inside story.


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