Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life after Gibbs

The answers are in. Joe Gibbs left no lasting legacy from his second tour of duty with the Washington Redskins.

It took a nanosecond to see that owner Daniel Snyder intended big changes for the team, especially on offense. It took a mere month for Snyder to decapitate Gibbs coaching staff.

In Jim Zorn, Snyder found the perfect compliment to Snyder's micro-management style. Zorn is a hero in Seattle, much as Sonny Jurgensen is seen as a demi-god around Washington. He's been on the Seahawks coaching staff for seven years. Yet when the Seahawks looked for their next coach, it wasn't Zorn, but Jim Mora, Jr. When Mora looked for his designated offensive coordinator, that wasn't Zorn, either. How is it that Seattle's hero isn't good enough for the Seahawks, but is perfect for the Redskins? This is a formula for success?

Snyder was entirely appropriate to consider all his options for a head coach change. But, Gibbs' team might have won 10 or 12 games this season with Gregg Williams and Al Saunders in place. For Snyder to go in another direction, there should be some indication of greater success in 2009 and beyond. I'm assuming 2008 to be a transition year with anyone other than Williams as head coach.

There's no such indication with Zorn. I'm not saying he will fail anymore than I'm guaranteeing his success. You can't tell. There's no history, no track record, to latch on to. He is the high risk choice without indication of commensurate returns. Even if it works out, such choices are not wise business decisions.

I've resigned myself to a fourth place finish in the division and mid-to-bottom-half of the conference for 2008.


Anonymous said...

Found this video with Zorn talking about the rookies. Check it out here: Go skins!

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