Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grief and anger over Sean Taylor

Elizabeth Kubler Ross famously identified five stages of grief for patients with terminal illnesses. Versions of the "stages" are popularly applied to those who have lost loved ones.

Denial (this isn't happening to me!)
Anger (why is this happening to me?)
Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
Depression (I don't care anymore)
Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)

Regarding Washington Redskins star safety Sean Taylor, I'm at the angry stage.

I hope they nail the bastard sonofabitch murderer who took Sean away from his family and his fans.

Does Florida have a death penalty?

Yeah I said it.

I am native to Washington, DC, but lived elsewhere in 1986 when Len Bias died prematurely. Bias' death hit the Washington, DC community like a tidal wave. Bias, from Landover, Maryland, was the native son on the verge of making good. The perception of life changed with Bias' scandalous death. People still talk about it.

Though not from the Washington area, Sean Taylor's death will have a similar effect on local fans.

Taylor was not as good a football player as he was going to be. You could see his development, especially this year. His best years on the field were ahead of him.

Widely admired from the day the Redskins signed him, he was the player the team would build the defense around. That Gregg Williams-Joe Gibbs strategy of upgrading the secondary to boost the pass rush was to take maximum advantage of Mr. Taylor's skills. And it was working.

It looks more and more like Taylor was targeted for attack. To be awakened in the middle of the night and cut down by an armed intruder in your own home violates so many principles sacred to us. So, lets find this guy and . . . [mess] him up.

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Kate said...

I hear ya. This is so heavy.