Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brandon Lloyd will be glad to leave

Can anything else go wrong for this guy?

Lloyd broke his collar bone on the last play of practice Wednesday. He's likely done for the season. [I'm fighting the temptation to say he was done anyway. Oops.]

His season here is a bust. He's an athlete. This surely wasn't what he hoped when he signed his contract.

The Redskins are more patient with him that I would have been. They need him to succeed and were giving him every chance to be successful. I need to see him succeed, but had no expectation of seeing success.

With Moss gimpy and Thrash out, Sunday at Dallas was Lloyd's golden opportunity. And he broke a bone. In practice. When it was nearly over.

"We're talking about practice." ~~ Allen Iverson

LaCanfora at The Post says the Redskins will sign WR Jimmy Farris, who has been on and around the Redskins the past few seasons. The Redskins added Burl Toler to the practice squad.

Everyone expects Lloyd to be released by June. With everything that's happened to him here, he will be glad to leave.

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Doctor. Oops!

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