Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Skins release Dale Lindsey

The Washington Redskins released linebacker coach Dale Lindsey this evening. For more on the story, go to Hog Heaven.

Lindsey reached a level of notoriety for his run in with LB LaVar Arrington. His feud spilled over in public comments about LaVar before the first NY Giants game in October. The Redskins fortunes declined with the performance of the defense. Linebacker play was off from its 2005 performance, with Warrick Holdman considered a weak link throughout the season.

Also out, the NFL turned down an offer by Britney Spears to tout the NFL Network in a Super Bowl commercial. Spears has announced her intention to restart her career after initiating divorce proceedings against husband Kevin Federline. She recently generated a spate of publicity of a type the NFL has shied away from since the infamous Janet Jackson incident.

The Redskins deny a rumor that FedEx field was named for Federline.

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