Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Screed Alert: BCS is Bogus

The Bogus Championship Series should be blown up. None other than Ralph Nader says so in his article "Breaking the BCS."

The Bowl Champion Series should be labeled for what is it - a monopolistic enterprise to protect the big money interest of the major college football conferences and major Bowls. All that national championship stuff is pure hype, as you can read in Nader's article and numerous rants by sports writers (including me).

The Bowl performance of the two best football schools in my own Big Ten conference and of Boise State reinforce the need for a true playoff system. I've heard the no-playoff arguments by the conference presidents. They just sound silly. Division 2 and Division 1AA can manage playoffs, but not Division 1A? Don't insult our intelligence.

The BCS is all about the money. It's not about good football.

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