Saturday, December 02, 2006

Two good ones

Although I've never seen the campus, I've always had a soft spot for West Virginia football. The connection is Sam Huff who played for the Mountaineers.

Today, West Virginia entertains Rutgers, the former favorite homecoming opponent. Rutgers nearly confounded the Bowl Championship Series with their sudden and unexpected winning season. The BCS is a hoax. The marketing line is that the BCS determines the college football national champion. In fact, the system is rigged. It's supposedly objective computer algorythm is weighted in favor of the major conferences, including my favorite, Big Ten. The BCS also protects the revenue from the major Bowl Games from Cinderella teams, like Rutgers and Louisville, who have the audacity to crash the party.

The BCS is not run by the NCAA, actually. If the major conferences really wanted to determine a legitimate Division I football champion, it would mimic the NCAA Division 1-AA playoff series. But, that's for another post.

The Big East produced three national powers this season, West Virginia, Louisville and Rutgers; four if you count Connecticut. Like Phoenix rising from the fire, the conference survived abandonment by Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech, to produce good football. (Shades of George Mason.) Rutgers @ West Virginia brings the season to a dramatic conclusion. While I'll root for the Mountaineers, it won't bother me a bit if Rutgers pulls off a win. 7:45 PM EST. Check local listings.

Navy plays Army in its long and ancient rivalry. I try to make a Navy game each season, if only for the pagentry and to see F/A-18 fly-by before the home games. As with Sam Huff and West Virginia, Roger Staubach is the reason I've long rooted for Navy. The Midshipmen have been a regional power since Paul Johnson was named head coach. This season, I went to the Navy-Rutgers game expecting a cakewalk -- for Navy. The Midshipmen shook off the spanking by Rutgers to go on to a fine season. 2:30 PM EST. Check local listings.


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