Saturday, February 11, 2006

Michigan State Ranked 33rd in Football Recruiting ranked Michigan State University as recruiting the thirty-third best freshman class for football. Recruits were ranked in tiers with top ranked schoolboys in the five star tier, the next group in the four star tier, the next in the three star tier. MSU has commitments from seven four star recruits and from seven three star recruits, but none from the five star rank. Penn State has commitments from one five star, fourteen four star and and eight three star recruits. Michigan recruited two from the five, nine from the four and seven from the three star tier. Ohio State's numbers are two, eight and ten respectively.

For MSU football, the future shapes up to be competitive, but without the talent to break through to the top rank of the Big Ten. They should be a top twenty-five team in 2007. State's defense was not the equal of the offense last season, although they had their moments. Seventeen of the twenty-five new recruits are defensive players. Kicking was a problem. The Spartans hope Brent Swensen from Ft. Lauderdale Aquinas is the answer. He drew interest from Bowling Green and Mississippi. "We tagged what the problem was," MSU cornerbacks coach Chuck Driesbach said. "And we went out and got the very best guys we could get to fill those spots." For a profile of the incoming class, go here.

In coaching news, Dan Enos was named quarterback coach. Enos was the last quarterback to lead the Spartans to the Big Ten championship (1990). The Spartans won back-to-back bowl games in 1989 and '90. For college more than the pros, hiring your graduates works. It had better. Like the defense, Spartan coaching was not the equal of the offense.

Enos is a great addition to the staff as a position coach. However, quarterback play and MSU's wide open offense are not the issue. Game management and effective use of talent on the field are.

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