Saturday, February 11, 2012

Peyton Manning is all the buzz in Washington this week

The Washington Redskins fan base is obsessed with  the possibility of the team signing the elder Manning if he becomes a free agent and is able to play--two BIG ifs in my mind. Manning and lessons to be learned from Super Bowl champion New York Giants occupied space on Redskins Hog Heaven this week.

Both of the teams in Super Bowl 46 prove the value of coaching stability says the story in Patriots and Giants lesson for the Redskins: stand by your man.

Greg Trippiedi listed the 2012 QB free agent class, shown by age.

What would the Redskins do if they do not land Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin III? Both are real possibilities, but there are options.

Throughout the Snyder ear, Redskins fans said "Peyton Manning could not win behind that line." We wondered if the Redskins were good enough to win with a healthy Manning. We looked at the stats of the Jets and the Vikings the year before Brett Favre joined those teams for comparison to the 2011 Redskins.

Know what? The 'Skins were not out of line with those teams. The offensive line comparisons were actually favorable. So yes, the Redskins are Peyton-ready, more so if they get a first class No. 1 wide receiver.

The bad news is that Farve proved to be a one-year wonder for both teams, neither of whom won a Super Bowl. Sic Semper Manning.

As usual, quarterbacks draw all oxygen from any football discussion, so it's no surprise that no one is talking about free agent wide receivers who the Redskins could use.

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