Monday, September 21, 2009

Redskins Explode for Two-Point Win Over Rams

St. Louis Rams v Washington Redskins

Well, not really. But words can change attitudes, so lets call Washington's 9-7 escape over St. Louis a really good thing.

The best game summary by a blogger comes courtesy of DC Pro Sports Report who penned No Problem With Booing In Week 2.

Spense compliments Albert Haynesworth, pans the cornerbacks and receivers, and notes that Redskin legend and employee Sonny Jurgensen got testy with Jim Zorn's playcalling.

Careful Sonny. Take note that John Riggins is now a former radio personality on Redskins Radio.

Truthseeker at Riggo's Rag expresses fan frustration that led a lot of the Skins-friendly crowd at FedEx to boo the team.

Rich Tandler, as usual, bring level headed analysis to the game. Hit title, Monday Morning Apologist reveals his real feeling.

I went for mild sarcasm, much like the title of this post, on my pieces on Bleacher Report and syndicated to Hog Heaven.

Washington's offensive performance improved in week two in every way but scoring. Positive movement is a good thing. It shows the team, including Jim Zorn, is starting to get this offense with this group of players.

The offense is close to jelling and they are in the soft spot of their schedule to get things together.

Under-performing teams of 2008 aren't what make the schedule soft. Three of the next four opponents have rookie coaches. Zorn has a year up on them and it should show.

The Redskins should be 4-2 when they meet the Eagles October 26.

Even in their loss to the Saints yesterday, the Eagles scored more points (22) than the Redskins (9). The Eagles did that with their back-up quarterback, Kevin Kolb. The Eagles have Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick on the bench...waiting.

But, first things first. The Detroit Lions are next up on the schedule. The Redskins have had the Lions number since forever. I need them to win big in Motown so I can sell my Tampa Bay tickets at face value.

Go Skins.

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