Monday, December 24, 2007

What they are writing in Minnesnowta

Here's the link to the StarTribune, the principal newspaper of Minneapolis, Minnesota with their sports columnists describing the butt-whuppin' the Vikings suffered at the hands of the Redskins.

The link points to the story of how Washington stopped the Vikings running game with an eight and nine man front.

Links to other stories laments the inability of the Vikings to defeat the Redskins strategy with their passing game.

Above all, don't miss Sid Hartman's column Madden: Jackson is still developing not so much for John Madden's comments about the Vikings QB Tavaris Jackson, but for the Minnesota links to the Redskins.

Anthony Montgomery played college ball for the University of Minnesota. Hartman traces his development from his Cleveland, Ohio high school, where was a quarterback, through college and his growth in the pros.

Hartman writes that one of the people who saw Montgomery in high school was Redskin scout Shemy Schembechler, yes the son of that Schembechler, who recommended Montgomery to Redskins defensive line coach Greg Blach before the 2006 draft.

Hartman also wrote about Vinnie Cerrato who hails from Albert Lea, Minnesota, and who began his football career as a grad assistant for University of Minnesota coach Lou Holtz in 1984. Cerrato followed Holtz to Notre Dame before taking his career to the pros.

I loved the part where Hartman described Cerrato as "one of the most respected football administrators in the NFL."

Redskin fan opinion may catch up with that sentiment depending on the progress made towards a championship this year and next.

Wishing all my readers, one and both of you, a very Merry Christmas and everything the spirit of Christmas brings.

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