Sunday, October 07, 2007

Michael Vick Talking?

Heard on the street, or rather, on the parking lot at FedEx, Michael Vick is talking his head off.

To have some impact on his November sentencing, Michael Vick is spilling what he knows about dog fighting, including potentially damaging information about past and present NFL players.

Information heard in parking lots from people you are barely on a first name basis is far from confirmed sources. So, you have to take this as potentially alleged rumor.

It reminded me that there is more to come from this story, probably around the time of Vick's sentencing in late November.


Kiko said...

Things will be getting mighty interesting if this is so. But does the gambling stop at NFL players? I think not.

Thanks RR, I'll be using your quote on my blog:

"Here's an idea for redemption. Michael Vick pledges to pay for the care of the Bad Newz dogs for the rest of their natural lives. As fighting dogs, many of them will be unfit as pets. Their life expectancy will be short through no fault of their own. Vick's plea agreement already requires him to pay for their care while they are in government custody. Vick asks the court to let the dogs be kenneled and cared for on him. That's restitution for the dogs. That wins him some points.

"Vick can set up a foundation to fund their care and call it Good Newz Kennels Foundation."

I like that.


Greg said...

Wow, but I guess most people would if they wanted less jail time. And the more sick NFL players out there that get in trouble the better if you ask me. KiKo it is good that he is taking care of the dogs NOW, but that doens't even come close to the others that he dint' take care of. Did you guys see the home where the dog fighting took place. The house is a mansion...he had all that money and decided to be cruel with it what a waste (here's the house by the way