Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Marcus Mason Story

Marcus Mason was a story you like to write about. He was living every boy's dream of growing up and playing for the home team.

Alas, Jon Jansen's injury triggered a series of moves that ended in Mason's release -- for now -- from the team.

The Return of a King is Aaron Stern's story in The Connection Newspapers about Mason, growing up in Potomac, Maryland, his college experience and triumph in making the Washington Redskins roster.

Stern lightly touches the issues of Mason's college transfer from Illinois to Youngstown State and covers that tense afternoon on cut down day, September 1, as Mason waited for the call that never came, the call informing him "thank you, but . . . ."

"No call is a good call," Rock Cartwright informed the rookie. The realization that Mason made the team set off a joyous family celebration. Mason's Mom is a former Cowboys fan, recently converted to Burgundy & Gold.

I think and hope that we see Mason on the field at FedEx again. Omar Stoutmier was called back. Mason is too good not to be.

Return of a King is a good read, so go read it.

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