Monday, February 26, 2007

Me and Mr. Snyder's Money

Well, it's here, my 2007 season ticket order. After the poor 2006 season, let me think about renewal. For a minute.

Haven't paid the mortgage yet. Haven't paid the utilities yet. Haven't paid the credit card yet.

Don't care. I have my priorities. These tickets have been in the family for four decades. Snyder owns the franchise, but I own the team.

Order filled out and returned. You see, it's only my money for as long as Mr. Snyder lets me keep it.

That, and Dad will come out of his grave and bitch-slap me if I don't renew!


Skin Patrol said...

You've done the right thing, Master4Caster.

will said...

amen, brother. first the Skins, then everything else.