Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Cowboys are Coming

Those madcap kids at The Curly R continue their interview series with bloggers from the other side. This week they solicit answers from Dave at Blogging the Boys. Clever as they are, they avoid asking any question about Sunday's game. Go take a look.

No questions about the game? Perhaps the curly boys feel what Lee at The Redskin Report put so bluntly, "Admit it. You are expecting the worse." That captures the area's sentiment. Dallas Week II is noticeably subdued from the first go around. Lee takes the contrarian view and calls the game Redskins 24-21.

The working theory going into the season was that the Skins' high pressure defense would hold most teams to 17 points most games. If the offense could put up 18 points or more, Washington could take 11 or 12 games. It hasn't turned out that way for reasons well documented here and elsewhere. It's the O that has to help the D. That requires 24 points per game on average. The issue tomorrow is can the offense cope with the Cowboys active linebackers? The Cowboys already handled that short passing stuff. Something new has to happen. Surprise us.

There is positive news. The defense is largely healthy and will play all the starters for the first time this season. "Largely" healthy because Pierson Prioleau is lost for the season. The Redskins did unnatural acts when he went down in the preseason. Prioleau is the critical defensive loss.

Rich Tandler suggests that the Redskins problems are all in their heads. He call the game Redskins 24-21. Hog Haven posts a Cowboys scouting report written by a Dallas fan. Zack at Hog Heaven posits that it could be a good thing that Moss is out Sunday, since that will force Mark Brunell to look elsewhere for receivers. Never-the-less, even he calls for a Cowboy win 24-13.

Me? I'm sticking with the Redskins by 4, but admit that's a hope, not an expectation. The tone of the season will change with the outcome of this game. We will either be in the playoff hunt, or be in a rebuilding year.

How did it come to this?


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Ben Folsom said...

LOL. While you're over at Curly R reading about everything but the game, have a look at our counterpart interview at Blogging the Boys. One question about the game.

Our 5 Questions archive so far:
Vikings: no questions about the game
Cowboys I: no questions about the game
Texans: no questions about the game
Jaguars: two questions about the game
Giants I: one question about the game
Titans: no questions about the game
Colts: one question about the game

I sense a pattern forming.