Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sean Taylor Gets a Hoot, Too

Speaking of plea bargains (as with the Fred Smoot case), the sharp eyed folks at The Warpath shout "Yes" to the deal Sean Taylor cut with the Dade County prosecutors. The Washington Post reports that Taylor won't miss any training camp time. Taylor and his fans can move on to the aggressive defensive backfield Gregg Williams is developing with Taylor and Adam Archuleta as safeties.

As in the Virginia case, the Dade County charges were squirrelly from the get. Taylor was charged with very serious aggravated assault charges that are dropped completely. Taylor pleads no contest to misdemeanor battery charges and gets 18 months probation, a fine and court costs. The battery charge will be expunged from his record if there are no other incidents.

So, how did that go again? Taylor drives through a rough neighborhood with some of his running buddies -- wise move when you are driving a Cadillac Escalade in a risky area --and spied his missing all-terrain vehicles sitting on someone else's yard. No crime in that. He goes to recover them. No crime in that either, as long as it's really his property; but it's risky. This is when rich guys call the cops. There's a confrontation. The details are murky, except that it was Taylor, not the victim, who at one point ends up on his butt. (That must be a real rough neighborhood!) Later, Taylor's Cadillac is shot up in a drive by. Yet it's Taylor who got arrested. Hmmmm.

Changing the subject, the blog at Out of Bounds forecasts a 10-6 record and a wildcard for the Skins in 2006. I think the number is more like 11-5.

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