Thursday, March 30, 2006

NCAA Final Four Pick

There's an aura around this year's Men's NCAA basketball championship; a sea change that busted everyone's bracket. It's the year of the underdog. George Mason University, a Virginia school of mostly commuter students, fields a team of Washington-Baltimore area athletes good enough to be looked at, then passed over by major conference teams. George Mason put a major "whup ass" on every power team they faced. They weren't the only team to surprise, Bradley, Witchita State, West Virginia, Northwestern State all prevailed over better known programs. George Mason wasn't even ranked when they were selected for the playoffs. My hat's off to them for how well they've done. Something is fundamentally different in men's basketball.

In this climate, the safest, smartest thing to do is to just pick the underdog. So, I'm picking George Mason over Florida and LSU over UCLA this weekend. By this logic, George Mason will beat LSU in the finals. Every underdog has its day.

With the sorry state of US education, I suspect that few Americans have any idea that the original George Mason was the greatest Virginia Founding Father not to be elected president.
For more about this man, look here. His home, Gunston Hall, is located on the Potomac River a few miles south of Mount Vernon.

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