Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Redskins - Cowboys, Second Thoughts

The Cowboys and Redskins are near identical in their 2005 performance. Going into week 15, Dallas and Washington ranked sixth and seventh for offense in the NFC, with Dallas averaging 332 yards per game and Washington averaging 330 yards. On defense, they ranked sixth and fifth, with Dallas allowing 331 yards per game and Washington 299 yards. A single game separated their won-loss record with Dallas at 8-5 and Washington 7-5.

The experts picked the Cowboys to win a close game. So, how was it that the Redskins blew them out? Dallas did not take the Redskins seriously! That's human nature when you've won fifteen of the previous sixteen games and perceive the one loss to be a fluke. Before they appreciated how dangerous the Skins were, they were in too deep to recover.

The Giants will not be so complacent. Neither will the Cowboys anytime soon.

Cowboys fans are distraught at the loss judging by the rants and whines on Dallas game blogs. Their comments are almost identical to fan complaints leveled at the Redskins on The Warpath and other blogs.

The season is already a success with a sweep of the Cowboys and eight wins in the bank. Yet, if the Skins do not win ten games and make the playoffs, no one will remember it that way.

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