Friday, November 04, 2005

Hurricane Terrell Strikes Home

Terrell Owens shows every sign of growing up with exquisite kid glove treatment; the boy given exceptions because of exceptional talent, until talent is highly developed, but the person stunted.

The drama queen's latest outburst comes when the Iggles failed to acknowledge Owens' one hundredth touchdown reception in the San Diego game. (Owens' 101st TD catch was a 91 yard doozie against the Broncos.) About the perceived slight, Owens said "They claim to be first class and the best organization. It's an embarrassment. It just shows a lack of class they have. My publicist talked to the head PR guy, and they made an excuse they didn't recognize that was coming up. But that was a blatant lie. Had it been somebody else, they probably would have popped fireworks around the stadium."

He later apologized for the remark.

In the same ESPN interview, he agreed with an assessment by Michael Irvin that the Eagles would be undefeated if Brett Favre were the Eagles quarterback instead of injured Donovan McNabb. No doubt true. Who wouldn't want Favre as your back-up? But when you are in the middle of a campaign, why cast doubt on your general with a hypothetical that won't happen? When that general is Iron Don McNabb, why even take the bait and make the comparison? And why not take a few moments to run the math before giving your answer. McNabb, hurt, has thrown 15 TD passes to 7 interceptions for 2,034 yards. Favre, with a hurt team, has thrown 15 TD passes to 13 interceptions for 1,850 yards. The Iggles are 4-3. The Packers are 1-6. So Owens thinks that Favre, who couldn't lift his team over six losses, could lead Philadelphia to football Nirvana?

There are people who think it's an asset to speak one's mind, oblivious of the carnage and destruction caused by their wind. Tactless, Self-absorbed. Insensitive. "Why is everyone upset with me?" A case of terminal immaturity.

The Iggles will tolerate the off field fireworks in exchange for the on field kind. When Owens acted out with these same antics in his last season at San Francisco, the team actually played better for awhile, but the franchise imploded. The coach was fired. The 49ers' trade of Owens to Baltimore fell through. They released Jeff Garcia. The object lesson being that Owens' undeniable talent is accompanied by disruptive forces. The Iggles will pay a price for having Owens on the roster. Philadelphia strives for the team concept. There is no "I" in TEAM. There is no "TO" either.

Before any foolish Philly fan suggests dumping Owens, study carefully how the Vikings are faring without Randy Moss. As a Redskins fan, I say dump him, preferably before Sunday.

What a contrast to Lavar Arrington who acknowledged that he could have handled his benching better. Arrington will likely start in the Redskins defense against the Iggles. TO was upgraded from Doubtful to Questionable. Iron Don McNabb was downgraded to Questionable.

Yeah, right. Look for all of them to start Sunday night.

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