Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yet another annoying change the name letter

Tomorrow's (Sunday, April 22, 2007) Washington Post will carry yet another of those "Redskins name must go" opinion pieces. I noticed this earlier today (Saturday) and think I might have been the first to comment on in on the Post's site, under another id.

Here's the link to the story, and here's my response:

If the dictionary gives that definition [Redskin, n, Offensive, American Indian], then it is out of date. It should have noted that redskins, small cap, by the way, is an archaic term hardly used anymore even the the U.S. west, where the term (may have) originated. Redskins, capital R, specifically Washington Redskins, has an entirely different connotation that applies to the NFL team and its fans. When I say Redskins, I mean me, and not as a slur. All, well, most, of my heroes have been Redskins. I am not referring to Geronimo and Red Cloud. I mean Jurgensen, Mitchell, Riggins, Brown, Arrington and Portis. Say Redskins to me, and that's what the thought conjures up. I cant speak for those people in Dallas.

I should have added that I wish the Washington Redskins could emulate Red Cloud's won-loss record.

Photo: Makhpiya-Luta (Red Cloud) from here. For more on the life of Red Cloud, go to

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