Sunday, April 29, 2007

Should Landry or Dallas be here?

Did I get this right? The Washington Redskins drafted a guy named Landry, then some other guy named Dallas. How can that turn out well?

It seems you can't get a job as a pro-football player unless you have relatives in the game. The Redskins drafted two guys with brothers who are already NFL players, one guy who is the son of a NFL All-Pro, and another guy who is the son of a college All-American. Is that connections, nepotism, or genetics?

Manning, Hasselbeck, Winslow, Simms, Greise, Springs, Jones, now Landry, Carson and Blades. What chance does a guy like me have?

You're right; I'm dreaming!

Just for the record, I posted this idea before a similar lead appeared at The Times. So, there.

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