Monday, April 09, 2007

The new look Running Redskins, maybe

Running Redskins upgraded to Blogger 2.0 two weeks ago in Phase I of a technology upgrade. In Phase II, I'm experimenting with a new look using Blogger-provided layouts.

I notice that other blog sites are trending to the minimalist look, with lots of white space. They appear to be pleasing to the eye. My other site at Porcine Paradise went to that new look, but they have real technologists to create the layouts and backgrounds and link them together. I only write the Redskins articles there, I don't own the site.

Since I am HTML challenged, I'm not able to do the same here on my own. So, I'm experimenting with some of the Blogger layouts. You might say that I'm trying them on for size. Tomorrow night or Wednesday, I'll try another layout to see if they look better.

In the end, I'll probably go back to the original layout. I like the burgundy highlights of the old look. The lighter layout takes getting used to, sort of like white-on-white Redskins uniforms. Bear with me while I work through this.

Thank you for your support.


Skin Patrol said...

Looks fine to me, either way. Functionality hasn't changed so I'm fine with either layout.

Master4Caster said...

Thanks. Maybe I'm old school, but it takes getting used to.