Friday, March 23, 2007

Kwame Morgan commits to Hampton

Kwame Morgan (right), Largo High School. Photo:

I know this is a Redskins site, but this is a matter of blood. To be exact, a cousin, Kwame Morgan, commits to playing basketball for Hampton University, Hampton, VA, next season.

Kwame finished the season as the highest scoring high school baller in PG County, averaging 27.5 ppg for Largo High where he was a forward. Largo went 20-0 in the regular season playing Maryland 3A & 4A teams, but came to grief in the State 3A semi-finals against Bethesda-Chevy Chase.

Any day now, The Post will name him to the All-Met team, with the only question being whether its the first or second team -- but that's cousin talk.

Congratulations, Kwame, and all the best for your future.

Hampton was "a family decision," said Morgan.

Hey, it's my party. I can write what I want to.


Skin Patrol said...

Congrats to your cousin

Master4Caster said...

Thank you. I'll tell his Mom what you said.