Friday, February 16, 2007

The Turner Diaries

Philadelphia free agents Donte Stallworth and Jeff Garcia were guests on the NFL Network last night and were asked about their future plans. Both said they would like to stay with the Eagles, but they intended to explore the market. When queried about interest in the San Francisco 49ers, Stallworth piped up that he could be interested only if Norv Turner remained the offensive coordinator.

Turner is in the San Diego Chargers head coach derby. There are reports that he did not get the Cowboys slot because he demanded to control his own staff. That's ironic. Marty Schottenheimer was fired for making the same demand.

Turner's reputation is being rehabilitated, like Richard Nixon's. He's in play for head coach slots.

Has anyone else noticed that Russ Grimm isn't mentioned for the Chargers? Nor was he a factor for the Cowboys. He was the leading candidate to replace Bill Cower with the Steelers, yet gets no play now. League rules require teams to make coordinators available to interview for head coach slots. Grimm is the O-line coach at Arizona. Surely coaching buddy Ken Whisenhutt wouldn't stand in his way.

Norv Turner photo credit: Bob Carr,

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