Saturday, November 11, 2006

Different Circumstances Make for Different Choices

A Cowboys fan wrote an interesting piece on why Bill Parcells is starting Tony Romo while Joe Gibbs is sitting on Jason Campbell. Despite the source, I recommend reading Romo vs. Campbell – Different Circumstances Make for Different Choices.

Thanks to Hooskins at The Warpath Forum for pointing this out.

Whether the Skins make the Super Bowl or remain in the cellar, this is Mark Brunell's swan song. He has underperformed expectations, so far, but so has the entire team (coaches included). I hope Brunell goes out a winner.

For a really choice quarterback controversy, check out the situation in Jacksonville, where homeboy Byron Leftwich is benched in favor David Garrard. I've been reading that a sizeable portion of the Jaguars fan base reject Leftwich. Seems it was his misfortune to replace Mark Brunell! Check out the story on Hog Heaven.



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This is hooskins, thanks for the shoutout.